The First Berlin Seder

April 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

It was very pleasant and quite different. Held in the Kulturbrauerei — a fairly massive and complicated complex near the Eberswalder Ubahn station:

Seder was hosted by Keren of Keren’s Kitchen — it was a Veggie Seder/Israeli inspired and the languages in the room were mainly English and Hebrew.

When this happens it always makes me feel badly about hating Hebrew School and not paying attention.

Main course was peppers stuffed with rice (the Sephardim eat that on Pesach — a tradition I’ve adopted!), creamy scalloped potatoes and salmon. Yummm. No chicken and matzoh ball soup here — though there was a veggie broth with some kind of matzoh balls, though they were a bit different than what I’m used to.




Tonight it’s back to tradition at the Juedische Gemeinde Center on the Fasanenstrasse.

FYI — I desperately need some matzohs. The ones I brought from the States are stale, to say the least, though they are edible if you toast them. Toasting Matzoh is an art, though, because the pieces are so thin, they easily burn. Any folks in Berlin with an extra box of Matzoh they’d be willing to sell me until I can get to a store on Tuesday — give a holler. You’ll be doing a mitzvah!


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