Die Berliner SBahn — Aargh

December 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lest you think that all things German function well and are on time, I will introduce you to the Berliner SBahn.

A notoriously unreliable and expensive form of public transportation.

Okay — to its credit, it does cover a lot of ground and really goes all over the city.

But it has a lot of problems.

Two years ago and also last winter, I’m told, the tracks froze and there were enormous delays. There also don’t seem to be enough drivers — or there are enough drivers, but many of them are sick and don’t come to work.

And sometimes there are technical delays. There was an electrical malfunction today at one of the stations in the western part of the city — and it brought the whole system to a halt for around an hour.

Not even a pretty Christmas wreath could help with that.

The delays are supposed to last through at least the morning commute tomorrow. They are still trying to figure out how a short at one station could bring the whole system down.

I thought Germans were supposed to good at this engineering stuff. Isn’t that the positive side of being ueber anal?

I guess I’ll take my bike tomorrow.


§ 3 Responses to Die Berliner SBahn — Aargh

  • Ron Cobb says:

    “… take my bike tomorrow.” Spoken like a true Portlander! But I see the forecast is a bit blustery for even us Portland types, with cold rain and high wind in the mix? Ride safe!

  • The weather sucks, with a capital S. But I try to ride as much as I can for two reasons: It gets me off my tush and the train is pretty pricey and I’m cheap.
    Looks like PDX has some great weekend weather coming up. Enjoy!

  • Klaus Engelhardt says:

    Last October, I used the Muenchner S-Bahn / U-Bahn net extensively, and it seemed decent.One thing, though: the personnel no longer seem to know anything about the geography of their city. Some fifty years ago, as I remember, we had to study the city grid very thoroughly, even for a short-lived stint as a “Studentenschaffner”.
    However, none of these elaborate transportation systems can compete with Trimet. Using a bus+bus+MAX connection, Trimet gets me from my doorstep literally INTO the airport (16 miles) for exactly one measly dollar. Qui dit mieux?

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