Arnold’s Last Days in Berlin — for now

November 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear Loyal Readers,

Sorry for the long delay this past week. Arnold returned to Portland on Nov. 18 and it was a busy week in general.

Fortunately his final 24 hours here were full of (nice) surprises. The Berliners rallied and showed that despite the gruff exterior, there are some very nice people here.

Schnauze mit Herz (Attitude with a Heart). A bit of a cliche, but true.

We went to Saturn (  It’s about the closest thing you can get to a Best Buy. Arnold’s dad wanted me to buy him a copy of the movie “Wir koennen auch anderes.”

I thought the store was open until 9pm, but of course it closed at 8. We got there just after it closed.

But a very friendly employee told us to wait at the entrance, He phoned up to the DVD department and asked if they had the video — Mind you it was already PAST closing time.

Unfortunately they didn’t have it. But both Arnold and I were surprised by the willingness of the employee to make a sale — after closing time.

Similarly at Check-in at Tegel, the Lufthansa counterperson was super friendly.

Technically I was not supposed to be able to wait with Arnold at the gate, because at 15, he is no longer considered a UM (unaccompanied minor). But she bent the rules (how unGerman) and let me in.

And of course Arnold stopped by the stand at Rathaus Steglitz for his beloved Bubble Tea.

Unlike his Dad, I am not a good photographer. Especially when I have a reluctant subject.

I asked Arnold if he’d miss the Bubble Tea, which you can get in Portland, just not that near to where we live.

He said no. There’s Horchatta in Portland. Both kids are big fans of the Mexican staple.

Now THAT’s something we don’t have here.


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