Nazis in Deutschland

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s all the press can talk about today — and there’s no wonder.
After more than 10 years, German investigators finally have apparently figured out who is behind a series of killings of people with foreign backgrounds here. The so-called “Doener Murders” began on Sept. 9, 2000 when a 38-year-old man of Turkish decent was blown away in Nurenberg —
In front of his florist shop.
He was hit with eight shots. Eight other German residents with foreign backgrounds were murdered over the years. A 22-year-old policewoman was killed and her colleague severely injured in 2007 in Heilbronn in southwestern Germany.

Authorities say the suspects are also behind more than a dozen bank robberies and a nail bomb that exploded in Cologne and injured more than 20 people. They are investigating whether the group is behind other crimes.

Hailt Y. (the don’t publish last names in the German press for legal reasons) was 21 and the youngest victim. He was working in his Internet cafe when he was murdered.

Justifiably everyone is wondering why it took so long. A  headline from the Tagesspiegel, a newspaper in Berlin, read:


Auf dem rechten Auge blind?

It wonders if investigators are blind in the right eye. Translation: Investigators here have been so focused on radical left “terrorism” that they don’t look on the other side.

Of the three initial suspects, two are dead already. A fourth man has been apprehended.

The men apparently killed themselves and were found in a burning mobile home. The woman has been arrested, but initial reports say she was the girlfriend and apparently didn’t have too much to do with the violence. We’ll see if that holds up. Overall, though, women make up a teeny minority of the Nazi movement here.

As a Jewish person I don’t feel Germany is dangerous — not any more so than the United States, where there is probably more of a chance to be blown away because of the prevalance of hand guns.

But I do wonder if the victims had been Jews instead of Turks if the German FBI would have moved faster to investigate the radical right. Or just faster to investigate.

Also, for me, a bit odd about the story is that much of this Nazi activity is found in Thueringen, a lovely area in the former east Germany with rolling hills and beautiful countryside. It has its unemployment problems, but they are no worse than in other parts of the former East Germany.

But reports say that Helmut Roewer, the person in Thueringen who was responsible for protecting the constitution — another way of saying he was the top guy in the state for homeland security — used a notorious Neo-Nazi as an informer. Commentators are wondering if there was actually cooperation between Roewer and Tino Brandt, the “Nazi informer.”

That would be super troubling if true.


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