And now for something lighter (sort of): Die Schrippe

October 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

Sorry all you southern Germans out there. The mainstay of life is not a Semmel. It’s not even a Broetchen.

It is a Schrippe.

You see I’m a Prussian-wannabe at heart. And even though some of my best friends are from Bavaria…
Well you get the point.

My son Arnold would likely win the world’s biggest complainer prize if there were such a contest — he does it at home, but he does it of course more so here in Berlin.

But the one thing he DOES like about the city is the food.
“Germans eat better than we do.”

And how right he is. And it’s because of the most basic of food substances:
The Schrippe.

That plain little roll. It is innocent. Innocuous and oh so unassuming.

And delicious.
Crusty on the outside. Warm and doughy on the inside. Words do not justify the dignity and praise this tiny bit of sustenance deserves.

I hope this makes you hungry — and jealous. You do not have fresh Schrippe in Portland, as you do everywhere here.

And even if you had them they would cost more than the 20 cents (30 US cents) than they do in Berlin.
And they wouldn’t be as good.
Writing this is making me hungry. I think I will run outside to my favorite baker — just half a block away — get a Schrippe and slother it with the delicious butter they have here.

Guten Appetit!


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