The Talkative Berliner

October 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

After posting a lot of negative stuff, I’d like to speak out in favor of the Berliner.

Mind you – they can be very abrupt, to say the least. But I was born and raised in New York and New Yorkers can be that way too. Germans not from     Berlin refer to the Berliner Schnauze, which roughly translates as the mouthy Berliner.

But Berliners say they have Schnauze mit Hertz – or attitude with a heart.

I think that’s true. You just have to get to know them. And more often than not, YOU have to start the conversation first.

Example:  While walking my dog I noticed a cute baby on the street and struck up a conversation with her mother. Turns out mom’s sister had lived for two years in Portland and worked at Wieden & Kennedy. Sis would have stayed longer in PDX, but returned because of a boyfriend. She later learned he was cheating on her while she was in Portland. Now the ex-Berliner-ex-Portlander is happily living in Zurich. Another example: I stopped to ask directions of an elderly woman and her 70ish looking daughter in a park. We chatted for quite a bit – mainly about Panda. Dogs are good conversation openers. This is my dog:

There’s a lot to talk about there. She’s a pug, tsitzu, chihuahua, terrier mix. I call her my mish-mash dog. While walking Panda I met this rather odd woman in my neighborhood. She told me all about her dog. His name is Spikey.

She hasn’t told me her name yet.




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