The Bleached Blonde

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do German women have a “thing” for bleached blonde hair?

It seems so. I noticed this during our vacation on Mallorca and at first I thought it was something about the sun and wanting to have that “sun-kissed” look. (FYI — these pictures aren’t mine, but turned up after I googled bleached blonde. I didn’t have enough foresight about this column to take pictures of the bad dye jobs.)

This is pretty typical of the dye jobs you see. The hair is clearly NOT blond — those dark roots just keep on showing through.

And actually there are even worse dye jobs — I mean really horrendous ones, where the person who did it should be put in jail.

I can’t tell if this girl below  is trying to eat her necklace because she’s so nervous about this horrible dye job, or if it’s just a nervous reaction to what she is seeing in the mirror.

You can tell this gal has been dying here hair for years. Its texture is similar to that of a broom stick, which she might as well be riding with that look.

Why do people do this to their hair? Do they really think it looks good? I wonder if there is any data from the hair dying companies as to which country uses hair color products the most. I bet Germany is right up there.

Maybe they are trying to fulfill a stereotype – you know the blonde haired-blue-eyed German.  We’re supposed to look like this so let’s actually look like this?

Dunno. It can’t be because they believe blondes have more fun.

Everyone knows that’s not true.


(Red Headed) NJGG


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