The Germans vs. the British on Vacation

October 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why do Germans (or the British) for that matter go on vacation at all, when many expect to find the same things away that they are used to at home ?

Mallorca, for example, is a Spanish island, but you would never know it. It is filled with places where you can have Kaffee und Kuchen. Where you can watch live telecasts of Germany’s Bundesliga — the first AND second leagues. Where restaurants serve up Koelsch (a very local Mallorcan speciality), Currywurst and Sauerbraten.

I saw the ultimate irony when we rented a car and walked around the island’s capital, Palma. There we found an American chain in Spain with workers who speak German.

This is kind of an odd picture — You can see my son in the reflection. But there it is. Good old Subway, with a Spanish menu and a German flag,         advertising that they have workers who can speak German.

I guess this is gloalization?

But the British aren’t any better, though there appear to be fewer of them. Have a look at this:

A British-owned and run Fish and Chips place — on Mallorca. Here’s a closer look at the menu:

OK, my British friends….What are mushy peas and why would anyone want to order them?

Ditto that for Heinz baked beans.  And the Brits think our American food is crappy.

It’s actually pretty hard to find anything authentically Mallorcan on Mallorca. I suspect for that you have to go inland, away from all the Germans frying themselves on the beach. But as the temperatures turn colder here, there are some things I miss about the Spanish island.

Tomorrow, in Berlin, the high is supposed to be 44 degrees. I guess Mallorca wasn’t so bad after all.

Adios. Hasta la proxima.




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