Germans on Vacation

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Liebe Leser und Leserinnen,

I haven’t fallen into a hole or given up on Germany (yet). I haven’t written in awhile because we’ve been on vacation. I decided to take the kids on a typical “German” vacation.

We went to Mallorca. Don’t ask me why I did this.

Germans can be rather odd when vacationing. At least a certain type of German.

The ones who go to Mallorca.
They sit for hours upon hours in the sun and turn various shades of red and brown.

Their stay-to-it power is quite impressive. I sometimes think there might be a Vitamin D meter built inside of these people. Maybe the crap weather back home triggers something in them that compells them to sit in the sun for 8+ hours.

I looked up the skin cancer rates for Germans and surprisingly it isn’t as high as I thought — and they certainly don’t lead the pack. I didn’t see many people slothering on the SPF 50+ so I’m not sure how this is.

Actually I’m not sure why Germans go to Mallorca at all. Of course it’s for the weather. But many don’t really experience anything different than when at home. The island is totally focused on the German tourist — more on that in the next posting.

So why leave home?

Oh –it’s the weather stupid. Well it was very nice and so was the Mediterranean. Warm, sunny weather can be a good thing, but let’s just say that once on Mallorca is probably enough. We’ll go somewhere else next time.

Suggestions appreciated!



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