When the Weather is Good

September 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

you should feel a bit better. We had our first really glorious weekend here in Berlin. It’s about time. The summer sucked — big time. In fact I was chatting with a dad at Pauline’s soccer game yesterday (they won 5-1) and he said it was the worst summer he’s ever seen in Berlin.

Thanks. I needed that. Like I already didn’t know.

But we had clear, sunny skies and temperatures around the 70s all weekend long. It was perfect weather for the Berlin Marathon, which took place yesterday (Sunday, Sept. 26). Both the men’s and the women’s race were won by Kenyans. Patrick Makau set a new world record with his 2 hours 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

Florence Kiplagat of Kenya won the women’s race in 2:19.44. This was nice, especially since all the talk was whether Britain’s Paula Radcliffe or the Russo-German Irina Mikitenko would win. On Saturday as Pauline and I and my friend Verena visiting from PDX (but originally from Merseburg) watched the inline skaters go through the 26.2 miles, Pauline said she thought someone else besides Mikitenko and Radcliffe would win. And whadda ya know — she was right.  Mikitenko was second with  2:22.18 and Radcliffe third with 2.23.46. Have a look at this:

The stupendous weather wasn’t only good for the athletes. This is really the first weekend where the weather has been better here than in Portland and I showed Arnold the differences on my widgets — which have both PDX and Berlin weather forecasts up. Leave it to Arnold to see the negative. He noticed that toward the end of the week the weather is better in Portland than in Berlin.

But alas — that has changed. We’re now supposed to have sunny days and temperatures in the mid to high 70s from Wednesday to Saturday — about the same as back home. And ironically the forecast is exactly the same for tomorrow in both cities: It should be 65 degrees and raining.

The rain. That should make him less homesick, oder?


§ 2 Responses to When the Weather is Good

  • Klaus Engelhardt says:

    For days, weeks even, we had this outlandish sunny, warm weather until yesterday. And today we are back to cold drizzle — and, oh, how I welcome it! It finally feels again like the real Portland, like home! (There is no irony here).

  • Oh Klaus — I don’t know about you. After all these years there is still something very German about you — liking the moody weather. But maybe PDX and Germany just have a lot in common.

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