Sorry for the Generalization

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Germans are Bullies? post was aptly corrected by the ever watchful Klaus Engelhardt — Of course Germans aren’t bullies and neither are Americans. It’s impossible and inaccurate to make generalizations about cultures. I’ve been a bit inundated with the negative lately — as anyone who has been following this blog will know. Sorry.

Generalizations mask the nuances of what is actually going on. That’s why I was a bit taken aback during my TV premier here on Friday. I was invited to participate in a talk show produced by the Deutsche Welle. DW is like the U.S.’s Voice of America — it’s essentially a government-run station trying to get the word about the home country, in this case Germany. The talk show is called Quadriga:

and it’s produced in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. I’ve got three of the four languages. Sorry no Arabic. The moderator asked me how the US has changed after 9-11 and what Americans now think of Obama.
I’m not sure how to make a generalization about 320 million people and that’s basically what I said. As for how the US has changed in the last 10 years — you’d need more than a half hour talk show to go into that one. But overall I think Americans these days are somewhat less concerned with national security than they are with finding a job. Your views?


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