Floating Figures through the streets of Berlin

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

We went to a floating figure exhibition on Sunday. I’m not quite sure how else to describe this. It was basically a big street festival with a number of fantasy-like air balloons designed as mythical creatures — snakes, fish, monsters — floating through the streets. This snake was a highlight of the “parade.” It would stream across the treeline, controlled by two men underneath and then dive down to try to “eat” an unsuspecting passerby.



Actually many of the “goblins” reminded me of one of my favorite Hannukah stories that I used to read to the kids — and that I read to my friend Nadja’s children last Hannukah. It’s called Herschel of Ostropol and it’s based on a fable that has been passed down by many.

You can have a look at the cover here:


The book was written by Portland’s own Eric Kimmel.

I don’t know how many people watched this event, but my kids’ reactions were pretty interesting. Arnold was amazed at how few policemen were on the streets and remarked that it would have been a key opportunity for a terrorist to do something bad. Both were a bit amazed that none of the shops were open (more on that in the next posting). With so many people on the street it would have been a good opportunity for business.

I thought the floats were very well done and it was nice to see the city doing something just for the fun of it — which I suspect happens more in Berlin than elsewhere, though I haven’t been here long enough to know.




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