A turning point (sort of)

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why can’t my life ever be problem-free?

I thought Arnold had turned the corner. This is the first day when he’s only said a handful of times (instead of the usual dozen+) that all he wants to do is go home and why can’t I send him home and why does he have to stay here and how much the school and Berlin and Germany suck.

He actually only complained in the morning — because I left without him because he was going to make his sister Pauline late. But that has actually nothing to do with Berlin. He’s always late in Portland. And he’s always making folks late there too.

The positive part is that when I got home — I started doing some editing shifts at TheLocal.de — an online “newspaper” in English about German news — the first thing out of his mouth was NOT that he wanted to go home. It was his complaints about his sister. And of course she complained about him.

Actually by the time I got back at 6pm I was lucky there was still an apartment left. Pauline had trouble getting into the apartment door. We live in an Altbau and the locks can be a bit weird. She said she rang the bell for 30 minutes and knew her brother was inside, but he only answered after a half an hour. His story is that he was in the bathroom — but for a half an hour? Anyway…the two had a fight and when I came home they were still steaming at each other.

Now Pauline says she wants Arnold to go home because she doesn’t want to live with him — just on the day when he’s finally starting to come out of his gloom and doom. He even said today that it’s “sort of interesting.” He has an ethics class at school and he thinks the teacher is “kind of okay.” Mind you — these are complimentary words for my son.

My solution? Maybe I should send them both home. Their father can deal with them full time like I’ve been doing for many years.

Mmmmm…..A year in Berlin by myself. It’s a very tempting scenario. But I think for now I will slug it through — at least for awhile longer.

Your (tired) NJGG


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