A very reluctant child

August 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been really tough for my son Arnold. I wish he were happier here in Berlin, but he’s just not in the mood. I totally understand that things are difficult for him. He’s 15 after all and that’s a tough age. But his negativity is sometimes just hard to deal with.
Not that he wasn’t negative in Portland. This is a kid who wakes up and his glass is half empty and everyone else has a full cup.
But some of the things he complains about would be funny if he weren’t my son. He hates the small drink sizes you get here — an average drink is 0.2 liters. He doesn’t like the lukewarm water that is put on the table when you ask for it. There is no unsweetened iced tea. Everything is expensive. Starbucks costs more in Euros than it does in dollars — and that’s before you convert to our weak currency. The city is too crowded. There are not enough open spaces and everything is so stuffed together. People are unfriendly and smoke a lot. Hmmm can I think of something else? Let’s see…the bikes are way over priced and too heavy.
His few positive comments include one about the food being better. He likes some of the cars. And he’s found a nice spot for bubble tea — but of course it costs about $5 a pop and I won’t buy it for him everyday.
I hope things turn around for him. It’s hard for me to see him so miserable and it’s hard on my and his sister, Pauline, who only wants me to send him home. I’m not willing to do that right now, but I’m not sure he’ll make it the whole year. Mehr Spaeter. Your NJGG


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