First Soccer Game: Hertha 03 v. Marzahn = 4:1

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pauline’s team won. Yeah!

Pauline was a good sport and volunteered to play goalie– and she caught a few shots, but overall her team — Hertha03 — played better.

There were, however, a few MAJOR differences. For one, the team coaches provide not only water, but snacks. And they also WASH the uniforms. Both Pauline and I were a bit shocked by that, as it would never happen in Portland. Overall I thought the team played better as a team than her classic soccer team in the States. But they weren’t as aggressive.

Still, it was fun to watch. Another difference – the uniforms are provided by the club. In Portland you have to shell out $ 200 at least for the stuff. Also hardly any parents were there. It was just me and a dad. The head coach said the girls don’t want their parents there and so they don’t come. There were two girls who had never played soccer before and you could tell, yet they were allowed on the team and also played. The club was a bit short of players but in the US you have to try out to be on a competitive soccer team and not everyone makes it. I like the egalitarian nature of the Verein system, but am told that the girls with weaker skills generally don’t play the competitions, which sucks for them.
Pauline’s two coaches — Hans and Roland — seem nice enough but I think of Laurel and Hardy when I see them.

Hans is on the left, Roland on the right. They are super nice though and very impressed by Pauline. I told them she doesn’t want to play keeper and they said with her kick they would not keep her in the keeper position. Next week geht’s ab nach Luebeck. I’m really glad Pauline has adjusted (though of course there are moments). Now only if my son Arnold could get in the groove. Sailing starts on Wednesday, so maybe things will be better then. Till then. Your NJGG


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