Die Frauen WM

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m super excited to see the US women beat the Japanese this evening (German time) at the Women’s World Cup Final. Of course all of you in PDX will be enjoying this over brunch.

I’ll be watching here:  http://www.lido-berlin.de/

It’s a performance arena in Kreuzberg with a gigantic screen and several other screens. The US Embassy hosted (together with the French) an event there for the semi-finals.

I must admit I’m a bit worried about the Japanese because they are so quick. The sympathy here in Germany is definitely more pro-Japan. The feeling is that after all that the Japanese have suffered with the tsunami and nuclear disaster it would be nice if their women won the World Cup. Nice thought. There’s also a fair amount of anti-Americanism here, so many folks are pro-Japan for that reason. And finally since the Japanese booted out the Germans in the quarter finals, there’s the sentiment that if the Japanese won then it wasn’t so bad that the Germans didn’t move up because they were defeated by the best team. Strange logic.

I think the team that plays the best should win — but of course I’m rooting for the States. I’m hoping to find some red, white and blue face makeup to put on for the game, but it’s Sunday and am not sure I’ll find anything open.



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