German apartments

July 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Why do landlords rent apartments in Germany without kitchens or light fixtures? I have never quite figured this out. Are light fixtures so important to a German’s sense of style that they cannot be installed by the landlord, leaving prospective tenants to look up at a bunch of wires coming out of the ceiling? It makes it impossible to visit an apartment in the evening — There are no lights to turn on.

And what about the kitchens? Is it really that important to have your own cupboards? My friends in Berlin tell me that things are actually better here. Berliner landlords are required to provide their tenants with a sink and an oven. Wow. That will get you a long way — as long as you cook things that aren’t perishable.

Liebe Leser, Leserinnen und Listeners — Your ideas and insights into this practice are most welcome.




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  • Friderike says:

    schoen von Dir zu hoeren – hoffe Du findest was – man sollte sowieso immer bei Tageslicht gucken um nachher nicht ueberrascht zu sein wie dunkel die Wohnung insgesamt ist – vor allem bei den berliner Schlauch wohnungnen….

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